8 ways to help the people in your life feel important.

I challenge you to pick one way and one person, and go make sure they feel important today!


Being seen, feeling loved, and knowing you are important to someone is a very powerful thing. It instills confidence, joy, and purpose and helps us live our lives intentionally.

Here are eight simple ways you can help the people in your life feel this way:

Remember important information.

Remembering someone’s name, birthday, and upcoming events in their life is a sure way to make them feel seen, heard, and important.

Be intentional with your time.

hang out Eliott Reyna

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Too often we see someone while we’re out and about and give them the less-than-sincere “we should hang out sometime” line. I challenge you to blow someone’s mind by actually making a plan in the moment and then following through with it.

Give / send a small gift.

Sure, you can send something for a birthday or special occasion, but it’s the just-because gifts that hold the most thoughtfulness. Next time you see something while you’re window shopping and a specific person comes to mind, choose to get it for them.

Write a letter.

write a letter Brad Neathery

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Snail mail is so intentional but, unfortunately, a dying practice. Rather than simply texting or seeing each other’s lives pass by on Facebook, grab a pen and some paper and take the time to write and send a hand-written letter.

Share a word of encouragement.

Uplifting someone’s spirit is always a good way to show you care. Wether it’s by tagging them in an encouraging or motivating Instagram post or texting them a scripture you feel led to send, you can never go wrong with sending encouragement people’s way.

Check in on people. 

Make sure the people in your life don’t feel alone in this world, and check-in on them. Maybe they’re in the trenches of a challenging season or someone they love has passed away.

Nothing feels better than having people acknowledge you in the moments where it feels like the world is winning.


We can be sure to make people feel important when we remember and follow-up on the things they share with us. Maybe they have a big presentation at work coming up or an important test at school – either way, when we follow-up, it shows what’s going on in their life matters to us because they matter.

Pray for them.

praying ben white

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Prayer is the most powerful way to show someone they are important to you. Whether it’s sitting down with the person, praying hand-in-hand, or lifting them up in prayer during your quiet time with God, your words for them will be heard.

I challenge you to pick one way and one person, and go make sure they feel important today! Then do that everyday.

What are other ways you make sure the people in your life feel seen, heard, loved, cared for, and overall important to you?


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