The reality of when God moves.

When you ask God for big things, don’t be surprised when it takes big courage to do them.

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We say a lot of things. We say what we want and don’t want for ourselves, and we make these big claims and send these big prayers to Heaven in hopes of God moving in our lives and altering our situations. We ask for radical change, doors to swing open, opportunities so big we couldn’t have conjured them up ourselves. We ask, and asking is easy. It doesn’t take much commitment or movement on our end. The reality of when God moves, however, is much different.

When you ask God for big things, don’t be surprised when it takes big courage to do them.

I have been praying for big change in my life for awhile now. I’ve been praying for opened doors of opportunity that radically change my current situation. When I realized that God was doing exactly that, things got real. And what I expected and pictured being extreme excitement for the opportunity was actually sprinkled with many different feelings, including fear and uncertainty; excitement, yes, but uneasiness as well. It’s easy to make big claims, but it is harder to follow through, especially if you’re anything like me and have a love-hate relationship with change.

Change can be scary – it’s new and different and takes big courage. I urge you then, in the midst of pleads and prays for life altering experiences, to also be preparing your heart and strengthening your faith so that, when the time comes, you are ready to do what God is calling you to do – what you’ve been asking for all along.

We are called to pray with expectant hearts but often times are surprised when God comes through and answers our prayers or provides an even better option than that for which we were asking. Don’t be surprised when God starts to open the doors and give you the big things you’ve been asking for all along. And don’t be surprised when these big things take big risk and big courage – even much more than you were prepared to take. We serve a big God; don’t be surprised when he makes big moves in your heart and in your life. Don’t be surprised when you realize God’s been preparing you for these big things this whole time.

Instead, in the midst of the reality of God moving – of seasons of change and new beginnings – decide to be brave. Decide to trust the One who is able to do anything and is deciding to move in your life. He is trustworthy and worthy to be praised.

Don’t be surprised when the good God you serve astounds you with just how good he really is.


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