When will I start seeing these “good things” Jesus promises?

What if your belief that “good things are in my future” is keeping you from seeing them now?


“God has good things in store for those who love him.”

“God cares about my future has good things planned for me.”

“Good things are coming.”

“But when?”


When will we finally experience all these “good things” talked about in the Bible, preached about during church sermons, declared in the books of Christian authors, and proclaimed on the social media pages of prominent faith-filled speakers?

What if I told you, the “good things” in your life are happening right now? Maybe not huge things and definitely not all the things, but absolutely some of them. And what if it’s your belief that “good things are in my future” that is keeping you from seeing them now?

We can get so caught up in professing, “God has good things planned for my future,” we rarely take the time to see what “good things” he is doing in our lives presently. Even though you’re proclaiming truth and trusting God, you’re life will pass you by if you’re always looking ahead, hoping and praying that the best is yet to come.

What if your belief that “good things are in my future” is keeping you from seeing them now?

This time in your life was once just the future you were dreaming about, the future you were praying would bring “good things.” So why don’t you see any?


The “good things” aren’t what you thought they’d be.

There’s a chance God answered a prayer, brought the “good thing” in to your life, but did it in such a different way than what you had planned in your mind you don’t even realize your current situation is a “good thing” – an answer to a past prayer. We have to remember that just because a certain situation doesn’t look how we expected or how we want doesn’t mean God wasn’t actively involved. If you are walking in faith and following Jesus, he will direct your life in the way it should go.

The right way is God’s way, which isn’t always your way, but is always the best way.

Sometimes seeing the “good things” for what they are – truly good – means being willing to let go of our own ideas and plans and allow God to move and do more good than we could imagine.


Jealousy and envy are shouting louder than the “good things.”

“Good things” can so easily be overpowered when the enemy hits you hard with jealousy and envy. Maybe it’s something you see on social media, a close friend who seems to be way more blessed than you, or simply a desire for the life you want, which looks nothing like the one you are living. When we let jealousy and envy into our hearts and mind, they can make a huge, ugly mess that covers up any of the “good things” God has provided.


You haven’t taken the time to look.

Sometimes, not realizing all the “good things” we have right now is simply a matter of not taking the time to reflect and see with new eyes and a God-sized perspective. I want to encourage you to take time each day to reflect on all God has given you, from the small things to the huge, God-sized, miracle things and everything in between. Gratefulness is not only good for the heart and mind, but it also opens your eyes to see your life in a different way, one where the “good things” you believed God for aren’t just prayers, hopes, and dreams, but are your reality.

The truth is this: if you are a follower of Jesus, in word and in deed, he is constantly moving in your life on your behalf. And though blessings are not the reason we follow him, they are something he graciously gives. You just have to be able to silence the lies, open your eyes, and look with a new perspective – one of gratefulness.

I challenge you to find the “good things” that are happening in the now – the future of a past prayer.


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