I know I should be spending more time with God, but so many things need my attention.


Do you ever feel like this? Do you ever wonder where the time goes each day and how you are ever going to cross off all the things on your To-Do list? There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to work hard, cultivate relationships, care for others, eat, breathe, sleep.

When our plate is too full, things will start falling off the edges, and we need to make sure our intentional time with God is never one of those things. Of all the side dishes that we don’t really need, Jesus in the main dish and without him we will always go hungry, no matter how many sides of mashed potatoes and green beans we eat.

So if your plate is overflowing and pushing time with God off the edge, it’s time to sit down and rearrange your plate.

If God isn’t your first priority, you need to check your priorities.

God should be number one in your life, above all other relationships, commitments, and experiences. We are called to love God above all else and then to love our neighbors. If other people and other things are gaining your attention before and above your relationship with God, there needs to be a rearranging of your priorities. TRUST ME, it is so easy to miss your quiet time with God one day, but slowly one day turns into two, two into a week, and so on. As I’m sitting here writing this, I see my Bible out of the corner of my eye and feel convicted. Other things have trumped God in my life. Time to check my priorities.

Your relationship with God will have a positive impact on all your other responsibilities.

He is where we find our strength and our hope. It is because of God’s love for us we are able to love others unconditionally. His grace reminds us to forgive. His compassion reminds us to exude kindness. Your relationship with God is your source for being able to do all other things well. When your relationship with God isn’t strong, it will effect your other relationships and commitments, and vise versa.

God knows you are a busy mom, a dedicated student, a loyal boyfriend, a stellar employee, a loving sister, and he will give you exactly what you need to do all those things well, so be sure to go to him.

Remember it’s ok to say “no” sometimes.

Being busy doesn’t always mean you’re being effective. When we become so overwhelmed with all of the commitments and responsibilities on our plate, it is hard to give everything and everyone our best effort. Remember, it’s ok to say “no” sometimes, especially when you know you aren’t going to be able to give your best time, attention, and energy to whatever the thing or person is.

God wants us to be effective for his glory not just be busy because we can.

If you’re feeling like so many things need your attention that you don’t even have time for God, there is a chance other important things aren’t getting your best either. Maybe you need to go a step further and not only rearrange your plate but take some items off of it. Make room for those few things that matter the most.

The good news is, God is always ready to spend time with you, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve given him your attention. THANK GOODNESS. Without his grace, I would be ashamed to go to him after months of placing him low on my priority list. But because of his grace, and his unconditional love, I know I can come to him with a humble heart and be fully accepted back into his arms. And you can too.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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