In the words of momma Vickie.

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I wanted to talk to my mom. I wanted her advice. I wanted to talk to her about the things on my mind. I wanted her to tell me how amazing she thinks I am, and shrug her off like she’s only saying that because she’s my mom, but deep down feel encouraged by her faith in me.

She’d take me out to dinner. We’d order our food—probably something we’d end up sharing, as I shared some of my current thoughts, anxieties, and questions. I would start to feel better simply by her company. And simply by our conversation I would leave feeling more encouraged and hopeful, with sore cheeks from laughing at her mom-jokes. (Are those a thing? They should be.) She had that affect on people.

But she’s not here anymore.

So instead, I decided to reach out to the two godly women who she would have gone to if she were in my position—her best friends. The people who knew her best and with whom she often shared her wisdom and laughter. Without even knowing how much I was missing my mom, one of her friends chose to share words of wisdom she remembered from many conversations with my mom:

“Slow down so you can take time to make good choices.”

Of course—because, God—this was pertinent to my current anxieties and feelings, and knowing they were words from my mom (ones I had heard many times before) made it even more meaningful to me. It was the wisdom I was longing for as I wrestled with questions and decisions for my life.

But it also made me realize something extremely important about the God of the universe: He knows what we need and knows how to make sure we get it.

God knew I missed my mom and longed for a conversation with her. He also knew how to speak to me through her words in a way that would bless my heart, even though she’s no longer here with me.

Whatever you’re going through right now—seeking wisdom, asking questions, wrestling with uncertainties—remember this: God knows you, and he knows what you need. He knows what encouragement will speak to the deepest parts of your heart. And he knows how to get it to you. And more importantly, he will get it to you because he cares about you.

And, through the midst of anxieties, questions, worries, doubts, decisions, fear—in the words of momma Vickie—“Slow down so you can take time to make good choices.”

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