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Using your bad and ugly for good.

Those things you’re ashamed of? Those mistakes you’ve made? Those embarrassing moments? We all have them, and they aren’t meaningless. Well, they can be, but I want to encourage you to take the bad and ugly things in your life and turn them around and use them for good. Doesn’t seem possible? I get that.

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Be someone you’d want in your life.

When we are the best version of ourselves, and bring to our relationships all the amazing qualities and characteristics we carry, it opens the doors for positive experiences with others.

How to be your friend’s solace in the midst of their suffering.

I’ve honestly never felt more alone than I did when my mom died. It was as if I was by myself in an alternate reality and was the only one experiencing the effects of this devastating event. Even when I would talk to my friends or acquaintances, it was never addressed or even acknowledged. Not

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